Why Customers Highly Rate Our Service

We firmly believe in not only meeting but exceeding our customers expectations at all times in offering carpet drying service. Our continuing operations and satisfied customers are our biggest testimony to our unparalleled services. We strongly believe that we have one of the best carpet drying services on the market, however we prefer for you to hear what our clients have had to say. Jonathon Tyson rates our services as amazing and was thankful for everything we did. He thinks we’re a brilliant company and would highly recommend us to anyone. Steve Simpson was confronted with a water leak from the kitchen at his head office at 6am and was glad that after only one phone call to us we were able to be out there in a short time. We were able to deploy one of our highly-trained tradesmen to get out and address the issue, fix the problem and begin the clean up process. Steve found our service very professional and was glad that we were able to take care of absolutely everything so he didn’t have to. Steve mentioned that his business operates from seven branches and plans to use Mr Flood exclusively across all branches. Steve was very thankful for our help. Lesley Smith found our service to be amazing and was happy to see our team arrive quickly after requesting help. Lesley found that we dealt with the water issue well and would highly recommend us again for our great service. Jordan Black would give us six stars out of five for the service we provided. Jordan enjoyed that Damon was able to get out to his property in the early hours of the morning after what was a rather distressing situation with a burst hot water house that flooded the bedroom. Jordan knew instantly that he was in good hands once our help arrived. Jordan who works in the property industry insisted that he will most definitely be recommending Mr Flood to his family, friends and other people in his industry who require a carpet drying service. Stephanie Haddad called Damon late on a public holiday and was comforted by the honest independent advice that was able to save Stephanie a small fortune along with a lot of time and angst. Stephanie highly recommends our service.

The Mr Flood Difference

It is not uncommon for us as a carpet drying service to come across customers who figured that there might not be much to completing carpet drying themselves with a few hair dryers in a bid to save themselves a few dollars, however from our experience, when water damage is not addressed adequately and properly by a professionals, some of our customers who have had to call us later on have ended up costing themselves more in damages as the equipment used was sufficient to complete the restoration and repair job. After all, there is no comparing an individual trying to go this kind of job on their own with a legitimate business that has carried out hundreds of restoration and repairs in relation to water damage. In case you are still sceptical about how severe water damage can be you should consider that water damage can have a devastating impact on your property if it’s not addressed properly. The onset of wet carpet smell throughout your house and mould growing if not treated properly can damage the enjoyment of your home to the point you might stop inviting guests over. Although the aroma of wet carpet throughout your house or business might not necessarily be dangerous it can make your living or working areas rather uncomfortable for anyone attending the premises. For these reasons it should become a serious consideration to hire a professional for the carpet drying process in order to give you the best possible chances of reducing the smell lingering for any longer than it needs to. Moreover, the major concerns associated with mould is that it can potentially cause major health issues, especially to those who are allergic, and could even lead to structural damage of the dwelling which begins to become a safety concern. Water and flood damage should be taken seriously when it occurs and a carpet drying service like Mr Flood should be appointed at the earliest possible point in time to ensure the damage to your property is minimised where possible. Some jobs are sometimes just better off left to the professionals rather than taking a chance to save a few dollars. Mr Flood carries all the relevant equipment for a successful repair and restoration of the water damaged areas of your home, which pretty much promises you a consistent and reliable service when you need it most.

Save Our Number

At Mr Flood, water and flood damage is our specialty and we live and breathe the end-to-end process of repair, restoration and the full carpet drying service. Because water and flood damage can be a common occurrence, one of the best things you can do to give your home and furnishing in your home the best fighting chance of survival is to save our number and if the time ever arises that you need our services, we would only be one phone call away to assist with any of your water or flood damage woes.  As a carpet drying service, we make our services available to anyone, anywhere, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week as we understand floods might happen at the least convenient time and water damage is a real issue. With our full suit of water damage repair and restoration services you will have full comfort when appointing us that we will carry out the best job possible to get your property back to its pre water damage condition.


Why Customers Highly Rate Our Carpet Drying Service

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