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Carpet Water Extraction Services in Sydney

The best carpet water extraction Sydney – wide services

Spilling a glass of water onto the carpet isn’t a cause for concern – just get a towel out to dry it, and then give the carpet a good vacuum afterwards. But if you’ve experienced a flood or burst pipe, and the carpet has been soaked through, that’s a very different story, and you’ll need to contact Mr Flood, as the best name in carpet water extraction Sydney – wide.

We offer our services in carpet water extraction Sydney – wide to all kinds of customers. From family households to strata-managed apartments, and large corporate office buildings. We’re the best for three reasons:

  1. We’re fast. With carpet water extraction, Sydney’s climate means you need to work fast. Within just 24 hours mould and mildew can start to set in, causing additional damage to not only the carpet, but also the floors, walls, and foundation of the building. Furniture and everything else in the building can be affected too. But with a call to Mr Flood, we’ll be on-site generally within the hour with our genuinely 365 days per year service. Once on-site we work quickly and efficiently to minimise the damage and ensure that the water is extracted before mould becomes a concern.
  2. We’re efficient. We use top of the line equipment and technology at Mr Flood to ensure that not only is the water removed from the carpet quickly, but efficiently as well. Wet/Dry vacuums, air blowers and dehumidifiers are all employed by our team of experts for carpet water extraction purposes. Because we’re so efficient, the disruption that you or your business experiences is kept to a minimum.
  3. We’re full service. Carpet water extraction jobs often also involve dealing with insurance agencies. The team at Mr Flood has many years of experience in helping customers fill out insurance claims to ensure that the full cost of any damages incurred is covered. At each step of the carpet water extraction, Sydney locals and businesses can rely on our fully consultative and transparent approach to our work, so that they know the full time frames for the process, any additional steps that need to be made, and any other concerns that they should watch out for, beyond the water in the carpet.

There might be times that a carpet cannot be saved. For example, flood water from outside sources often has contaminants in it, and within the house, if the water source comes from sewage, then the affected area needs to be fully sanitised, with the carpet removed. However, we will do everything that we can to extract the water from the carpet and restore it if we can.

The key is to get us involved as early as possible. As soon as you notice flood water in your environment, give us a call to explain your situation. Don’t touch anything until we get there, but go through the affected area and start taking photos. We’ll be on site soon – likely within the hour, to start the carpet water extraction process.

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