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Drying Wet Carpet Services in Sydney

The five key steps in drying wet carpet

If you’ve been hit by a flood, or your pipes have burst and filled the house with water, then the first impulse may well be to start looking for new carpet. After all, it’s going to have to be replaced, right? The good news is that if you work fast enough, drying wet carpet properly can in fact save it. You do need to work fast though – as soon as you notice the flood occurring.

  1. Contact the experts in drying wet carpet The sooner you get a professional on-site, the better. With Mr Flood, our 365-day, 24/7-hour service means that in most cases we’ll be on site within an hour, ready to immediately assess the damage and start the drying and restoration process.
  2. Remove the water immediately The first step in drying wet carpet is to remove the surface-level water. You can start this process before Mr Flood even gets on-site if you have access to a wet/dry vacuum. If not, wait for the professionals, as many people try to use towels, heaters and conventional vacuums to sop up the water, and these are either ineffective or quite dangerous as the risk of fire or electrocution is very high.
  3. Steam clean the carpet and flooring Once the environment is as dry as possible, the next step is to steam clean and deodorize. Wet carpet smells terrible, and it can be tempting to remove it on that basis alone, but if you’re fast enough in drying it, the smell will go away. Depending on the underlay, there is every chance that it will need to be removed and dried offsite or it may need to be replaced depending on the type underlay that you have and its condition.
  4. Install air movers Once the excess water has been removed from the environment air movers are deployed to promote moisture from carpets and subfloors into the air space, and to assist in the drying process through the circulation of air.
  5. Use a dehumidifier To preserve your carpets, you need the environment to be as dry as possible, as quickly as possible, as a flood leaves high levels of moisture and dampness in the air that can be re-absorbed into the carpet if not removed effectively.

Depending on the space, the Mr Flood technician may also deploy dehumidifiers remove and dispose of excess moisture within the environment.

Talk to your attending expert from Mr Flood if you have any concerns about any step in the process. A flooded floor can be a frightening thing to come across, but after you go through these five steps in drying wet carpet, you will likely find that the damage isn’t anywhere near as extensive as it might have seemed initially.

Emergency Flood Repair – Water Extraction – floor / wall / ceiling structural drying

Mr. Flood are the leading experts in Sydney when it comes to repair services for flood damage. Offering 24/7, 365-day emergency flood repair services for homes and businesses for homes and services requiring immediate assistance. 

When a flood hits, the faster you act, the less damage your property and those surrounding will endure. The quicker the service, the risk of mould developing is minimised so for rapid one-hour service of carpet drying, call 1300 673 566 to speak to one of our trained technicians.

Carpet Drying for wet carpets

24/7 Emergency Flood Repair 

Mr Flood knows that any flood damage, whether it be wet carpet or any structural, needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Knowing just how urgent of an emergency it is, our priority is always to repair and to restore everything back to its fully functional state as soon as possible and that includes carpet drying. Structural or carpet drying, carpet restoration water extraction, Mr Flood can have your needs taken care of by our highly trained staff in the shortest amount of time possible. With our staff on standby 24/7 365-days a year, just call us on 1300 673 566.

To restore a flood damaged area back to its pre-existing condition, an extensive and accurate scientific method is used. This method is a two-stage process that utilises the combination water extraction and air movers with dehumidification, completely drying an area. Carpet drying is highly-important and one of the services we provide in the process of remediation.  

From the initial inquiry until long after they leave, our trained Mr Flood technicians will oversee and guide the entire flood restoration process. They will undertake the required work as well as advising you about what steps need to be taken to ensure that there are no further issues. Flood damage is already stressful thus our technicians can take over the liaison with any building managers, strata managers, estate agents, landlords and tenants, as well as other professional services that may be necessary.

You can be confident that when you hire our services for any flood damage, whether it be carpet drying or restoration, that whole process will be handled in a controlled and professional manner. That way your home or business will be back to its original state as soon as possible, with as minimal stress on your behalf. 

Where You Stand

Adding to what is already a stressful time, determining who is legally responsible to pay for any flood damage restoration can be a complex issue. This is why having the advice of our technicians, along with our services, is irreplaceable. As we deal with situations like these every day, we can figure out just where you stand legally in regard to who is responsible for any costs.

Click on the YOUR SITUATION page for more information and advice on who is financially responsible to pay for any restoration work. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, business, strata or a real estate agency, we can advise you on the next step and be sure to visit the pages below to find out more.  

Mr Flood, the Flood Damage Experts 

There is not much shocking than coming home or going into work to discover that a storm, burst pipe or blown hot water service has flooded your home or office. Wet carpets, flood damage to the floors and building structure…then even considering the clean-up and repair work that needs to happen almost instantly is enough to overwhelm anybody. Worrying about the smell of the carpets and underlay or possible mould growth plus the possibility of it spreading to other parts of the building, the stress levels are high.

At Mr. Flood, we are specialists in water damage remediation, structural and wet carpet drying and carpet restoration. Nobody plans to experience flood damage and due to the importance of getting the situation under control and cleaned up fast, our services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Our technicians are genuine and highly skilled, providing no-obligation on-site cost estimates, giving you that peace of mind in a difficult time. We also offer free over the phone advice on how to deal with flood restoration, wet carpets and any other flood damage issues you may be encountering as soon as you are on the phone with us. We can advise on the carpet drying process with pertinent information tailored to your situation. 

Time is of the essence with water damaged areas therefore we provide a fast and efficient service that is designed to get the area back into working order as quickly as possible; in fact our service is so efficient that the majority of the time the area can be used instantly. Once all the emergency work has been taken care of, we will also leave our professional dryers and dehumidifiers on site so the flood restoration process can be completed fully. This ensures that all residual moisture is removed from the air, flooring, and surrounding structures along with the wet carpet and underlay, preventing any discomfort caused by smells or dangers of mould forming. Our carpet drying process from floods is efficient and effective and comes highly-recommended. One review said ‘amazing service!! Thank you for everything. Brilliant company . Would highly recommend’  while another wrote ‘amazing service arrived very quickly dealt with water issue very well will use and recommend again great service thanks guys’.  

Our reputation is built not just on the efficiency and speed of our service, we also care about trust and transparency. Paperwork is important during flood damage for various reasons, so we always provide our customers with detailed invoices, including everything from carpet drying to restoration, following the completion of the job. As the whole situation can be stressful and unfamiliar territory for most, we have experts on hand who can assist you with any insurance claims forms and making a claim for any damages. In most cases people with home and contents insurance will be covered for all of the flood damage restoration costs. Since every situation is a little different, we can provide advice about this over the phone, while working with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is processed correctly to save you any additional stress or grief.

What To Do When You Call Mr Flood 

If you are in the Sydney metropolitan area, then Mr Flood can be at your home or place of work within an hour and if you are further out, then allow for a little more time. Coming home or into work with a flooded room or area is a dramatic way to start or end the day so knowing what to do in the moment can be very stressful. We commence the carpet drying process within a timely manner and ensure that your flood is managed effectively and remediation is carried out.

No matter what time of the day it is or day of the week, even on public holidays, if you do experience flooding then put the call out to Mr Flood so we can be there as soon as possible to help with carpet drying, structural drying, restoration and other such services. Once the call has been made, identify the source of the water. If necessary, like if the water is coming from a burst pipe, tap or an internal source, then shutting off the mains water supply is the first thing to do. If flooding is coming from structural damage from a storm, then you may need the help of other contractors. Let our technicians over the phone know this so they can help you get in contact with professionals who can help in that area. Be wary of any electricity. There are associated dangers of electricity and water, so you may need to shut off electricity as well. Then make sure that any children or pets are away from the area. If you can safely, remove any valuables to protect them from or reduce the risk of any further water damage. If you can remove any furniture or anything that may be damaged by moisture, then it is best to do so.

If it is safe to enter the room, there are ways you can help dry the carpet of any surface level water, which will prevent more damage down the line. If electricity is not an issue and you have access to a wet/dry vacuum, then you can go over the area with the vacuum to remove as much surface level water as possible. This will just enable our technicians to achieve the process of carpet drying even faster. If you do not have a wet/dry vacuum, do not use a regular vacuum as that may not only just damage the vacuum but it can be a huge hazard. It is best not to worry using towels either as they do not do much to remove water from the carpet or the underlay. Once you have done all you can then all you need to do is wait shortly for our technicians to come to your aid.

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Questions and Advice 

No matter the circumstances that have led to the flooding in your home or workplace, arriving to a flood room, home or property can be a real shock. When something like this happens, you may not remember to ask all the right questions or get the right information you may need in a situation like this. At Mr Flood, not only can we answer a lot of your questions in person, we can also help you over the phone or may be able to answer some of your questions right here.

Some common questions are normally around how long will it take before the area can be functional again and that will often depend on the size of area and how much damage it has taken. With areas mainly needing just carpet drying, the area will be able to be used as soon as the drying is complete. Generally, it can take up to three days for the area to be completely dry once it goes through our thorough drying process but smaller areas may only take a few hours. It is important that the area is completely dry before we remove any of our equipment though, as even small patches can lead to a whole range of issues like the carpet smelling and even mould growing. It is better to have a room or area out of commission for a few days then having to deal with discomfort of that wet carpet smell, the issues associated with any mould growth or possibly having to completely replace the carpet down the track. For businesses though, we ensure to employ a larger team of technicians as we understand that having a business that is closed for a long period of time is not ideal. We try to get your business back operational on the same day so you can use the area straight away.

Another common question we get is, especially when it comes to rental properties, is just who needs to pay for any associated work or restoration done. In the moment, it can be a stressful question to ask but at Mr Flood, we are experienced in dealing with these matters so we can help you figure out any payment issues and point you in the right direction on who to contact and talk to. If you own the property and have home and contents insurance, then it should be covered by your insurance company. If you do not have any insurance, then it will fall on to you to pay the costs. As mentioned though, we understand just how stressful this time can be so we can help you contact your insurance and help you with the claim. Once the job is complete, you or your insurance company with have seven days to pay the invoice so you do not have to worry about having to pay for anything on the day.

At Mr Flood, we want to make sure that you are receiving not just a quality service but quality customer service as well. We will be with you from the moment we answer your phone call until your account is all settled. As much advice and help you need in all aspects of emergency flood damage, we can be with you along the way. From offering contacts to other services that you may need, to insurance claims and to giving you the best carpet drying or other flood restoration services you, we will always strive to ensure that you are looked after. 

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