Mr Flood. The flood damage experts

At Mr Flood we know your wet carpet or flood damage is an urgent emergency. Our priority is to repair and restore your home or office to its fully functional state in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s why Mr Flood offers you our dedicated 24/7 365 day year service, with our highly trained staff ready to attend to your needs every minute of every day. Just call us on 1300 673 566.

Coming home or to work to find that a storm, burst pipe or blown hot water service has flooded your home or office can be intimidating. From wet carpets to flood damage to the floors and building structure, the cleanup and repair work that you might see in front of you can seem overwhelming. There’s also the immediate emergency that wet carpets and underlay can smell, making the building uncomfortable to live in for the short term.

We are specialists in water damage remediation, carpet restoration, wet carpet drying, and structural drying and even offer genuine 24/7 and 365 day a year service, providing obligation free on-site cost estimates to help give you piece of mind. We even offer free advice on the phone about how to deal with flood restoration, wet carpets and any other type of water damage remediation during the initial contact call.

We provide a fast and efficient service, designed to get the water damaged area back in working order as quickly as possible. In fact, with our service the affected areas can often be usable almost immediately. After the immediate emergency water damage remediation, we’ll also leave our professional driers and dehumidifiers on site to complete the flood restoration process fully. This process ensures that all residual moisture is removed from the air, flooring, and surrounding structures, as well as the wet carpet and underlay.

We care about transparency, and provide our customers with detailed invoices following the completion of the job so that they know exactly what work we’ve done. We also have experts on hand who can assist you with filling out your insurance claims form and making a claim for the damages to the company. In most cases people with home and contents insurance will be covered for all of the flood damage restoration costs. We can give you advice about this over the phone and will work with your insurance company to process your claim.
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We understand the need for emergency carpet cleaning and water damage remediation following the discovery of flood damage. Upon your call, our helpful and friendly team will efficiently walk you through the next steps to take, and will advise you of an accurate arrival time for our flood restorers. In most cases, it will be within an hour of your phone call.

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