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Structural Drying Services in Sydney

Why structural drying is important

If you’re ever in the situation where you’ve experienced water damage to your house or building (whether that be a flood, a burst water pipe, or some other cause), then you’ll need to care about more than the carpet and furniture. You’ll need to get the experts in to help you with your structural drying, too.

Water damage has an obvious and clear effect on furniture and carpet – it starts to smell, for example, or the colour changes as the carpet stains. It may or may not be salvageable, but that’s secondary to the impact that water can have to the very structure of the building. Water that gets absorbed into the foundations and structural elements of a building – be that ceilings, walls, concrete or timber subfloors – can end up affecting your health and the integrity of a building to a far more extreme extent.

Water dampness left unchecked inside a building structure can create conditions that are favourable to the growing of mould, or can alternately start to expand the material, leading to weakening and warping. Left unchecked, entire sections of the building foundation can become toxic, and/or unsafe, and need to be replaced.

There are no household solutions for structural drying. Instead, you’ll need to bring in an expert that will firstly identify the potential for water to damage the structure, and then develop a solution to excess water that can be implemented rapidly, as it doesn’t take long at all for mould to start growing, or water to start compromising the integrity of the structure.

Mr Flood is relied on by clients as small as a single household, right through to the largest strata and office buildings for our proven ability to maintain the integrity of structures affected by water. Within an hour of your call, we will have a team out to your location to start the preliminary investigation, and if we determine that there’s a risk to the structural integrity of the building, we will start the structural drying process immediately.

Using equipment such as blowers and dehumidifiers, as well as the natural airflow and ventilation that the area allows, we can achieve a structurally sound reduction in moisture in almost all cases. If for whatever reason a task is even more complex than that, then we work closely with all parties to develop a plan for next steps.

Please note that while this process should be started as closely to immediately as possible, structural drying might take a while depending on the extent of the damage. The nature of water is such that you might need to dry the subfloor, the walls, the ceiling, crawl spaces, and multiple floors, in the case of apartment or office buildings. The full assessment of damage done will occur at the point of the initial engagement, and we’ll continue to monitor progress for new problem areas as we undertake the structural drying process.

Contact Mr Flood immediately after noticing water damage – the sooner the better for the integrity of your building!