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Sydney Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services

Servicing the people and businesses of Sydney, water damage experts

For the residents and businesses of Sydney water damage is no joke. Homeowners, renters, real estate agents, landlords, strata and businesses alike, all deal with water damage at some stage. It might be a broken pipe that has filled the house with water. It might be that the broken pipe has caused a leak that fills the apartment below you with water. It might be that a storm has come through and cased the damage. Whatever the cause, Mr Flood is who you want to call to repair the damage.

For all properties in Sydney – water damage checklist

As soon as you’ve observed water damage, you should respond quickly, as the longer the damage is allowed to settle in, the greater the problem it can create.

The first thing that you should do is address the cause of the damage. For properties in Sydney, water damage will generally be a result of an issue with the pipes (unless a major storm or natural disaster has come through the city), and sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly where the issue lies. Turn the main supply of water off to the premises immediately and call a plumber to come and assess the problem.

However, the plumber will only fix the pipes. Any damage done to the furniture, carpets, flooring or structure is outside of their realm of expertise. And that’s why you should immediately call Mr Flood as well. The reason for this is two-fold – firstly, the sooner you can get an assessment done of the damage to the property, the easier the repair work will be, and the more that can be saved. Secondly, you’ll require and need help with dealing with insurance companies. Water damage claims are a common area where the consumer misses out – either they underestimate the cost of the damage, or they make errors in their claim which leads to the claim being rejected.

At Mr Flood we have a long history in working with all major providers of home and contents insurance, including NRMA, QUBE, GIO, youi, AAMI, Zurich and Suncorp. We will help you file an accurate claim in a timely manner that ensures that your insurance will cover you for any water damage sustained.

Our process

Mr Flood is a genuine 24/7, 365 day-a-year service. We know that for the people and businesses of Sydney water damage is a pressing concern and can happen at any time. Pipes don’t always burst at convenient working hours, so we make sure that we’re able to be on-site at whatever time is necessary.

Once you call, our skilled team will walk you through any preliminary steps that you should take – including the removal of furniture from the area, or damage resolution steps that you can take you’re your household equipment. In the meantime, we will dispatch a response team, and in most cases, they’ll be on site within an hour of the phone call coming in.

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