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1: What do I do first?

The first task is to find the source of the water and turn it off. If the source of water is from a broken pipe it may be possible to turn off the main water tap which is often found outside the home or apartment.

Call the Mr Flood hotline on 1300 673 566 immediately so that one of our expert staff can assist you and arrange for immediate dispatch of one of our vans.

2: How fast can Mr Flood be here?

In the Sydney metropolitan area one of our Mr Flood experts can be at your door and ready to handle the problem in less than one hour. We understand that flood damage is an emergency situation and will make your enquiry our immediate priority.

For those outside of the Sydney metropolitan area we will provide an accurate response time for one of our vans to arrive at your door.

3: What does Mr Flood take care of?

The Mr Flood team will take care of every facet of the water extraction and drying process to ensure your home or office is back to a usable environment as soon as possible.

4: How long will it take to fix the damage?

Due to the natural penetrative nature of moisture even small water damage repairs will typically take up to three days to full repair, though the initial visit and treatment may only take a few hours.

For larger jobs Mr Flood will engage a larger team to ensure that your home or office is returned to normal operation very quickly, and often the room or rooms will be operational the very same day.

After the initial treatment to extract the standing moisture there will be the requirement for dryers to remain at the site to facilitate the complete drying of the area to negate the possibility of mould and smells.

5: How fast will my home or business be back in operation?

Even under the most severe conditions of flood damage it is normal for the area to be operational within the same day. This is essential for businesses to offer the least disruption to ongoing operation and lost business.

6: Who pays for the repairs?

Flood damage falls under your home and contents or business insurance, so typically all that you are responsible to cover is your agreed excess. If you are not insured, you will be responsible for all costs incurred.

Our Mr Flood representative can, if requested, provide a guide to the costs prior to commencement of the job.

7: When do I have to pay?

Mr Flood will issue an 7-day payable invoice upon successful completion of the job, and your insurance company will either pay Mr Flood directly or immediately reimburse you for any payment made to us.

8: What type of payments do you accept?

Mr Flood will accept Visa Card and Mastercard credit cards, direct band deposit, as well as company or personal cheques.

9: Is the area safe to walk on when wet?

Often yes, the area is safe to walk on if absolutely necessary so long as there is no electricity present, or the damage does not threaten the safety of the integrity of the structure in question. Mr Flood highly recommends that you avoid the area until one of our experts arrives to assess the situation.

10: What do I do with the furniture?

Mr Flood recommends that any items that can potentially be damaged by moisture be removed to a safe area as soon as possible. If required a Mr Flood expert will oversee and/or assist with this aspect of the repair.

11: Do I turn off the electricity?

Unless there is the danger of the moisture coming in contact with electricity directly or through the walls or floors there is no need to turn off any electrical items.