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Carpet Restoration in Sydney

How to save a carpet through wet carpet restoration

So, a disaster has hit. A burst pipe has filled your house with water. That means that you need to cut up and throw away that well-loved carpet, right? Not necessarily! Wet carpet restoration is possible if you work quickly enough.

What does wet carpet restoration involve?

As soon as you notice that there has been flooding upon the carpet, you should immediately get a qualified expert to assess the situation. What caused the damage, is further water damage possible or likely, and what is the source of the water? If it’s a relatively innocuous source of water – for example, a burst kitchen pipe, then the carpet should be fine with a good drying. If, however, it’s external flood water, or water tainted by sewage, then it could cause the environment to become toxic, the carpet and underlay would likely need to be completely replaced.

If upon inspection it is agreed that wet carpet restoration is possible, the next step is to quarantine the area (get people off the carpet) and start the drying process as quickly as possible. Water damaged carpeting and underlay can start growing mould very quickly, and ideally you want to start the drying process within days of the flood occurring.


Drying wet carpet is not as simple as using a household vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, or heaters. In fact, using those things can actually cause increased risk of damage to the carpet, fires, or electrocution. Instead, you need to utilize specialised wet conditions vacuums, de-humidifiers, and blowers, with the goal being to not just clean and dry the surface of the carpet, but also anything under the carpet, including underlay and the subfloor. It’s those layers underneath that are most at risk of mould and further complications.


Purchasing the kind of equipment required to fully de-humidify and dry carpet is expensive, which is why you should contact Mr Flood. In addition to our team being expert guides for determining whether the carpet can be saved via wet carpet restoration, we also have industrial-strength equipment that can return the carpet to the state that it was in before the flooding occurred.


Wet carpet restoration starts with a call to Mr Flood. We are the experts in all water damage restoration, and our 24/7, 365 days service will have someone to you, in most cases within an hour of you calling.

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