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Your Situation

Who pays for the restoration?

Each individual case is different and often some important questions need to be answered before determining who will cover the costs. What is important to know is that property and contents insurance does not act like car insurance. If your property is damaged by flood damage from a neighbouring property their insurance does not automatically cover your property.

From our experience, you are typically responsible for insuring your own home and contents first and foremost. The only instances where you are able to claim for damage against the insurance of another person or party is where there is either intentional flooding committed (criminal act), clear negligence on behalf of a contractor (like a plumber or other trades-person making a mistake), or where the plumbing, sprinkler system or drainage that is the sole responsibility of the strata in your building is at fault. Blocked balcony drains within an individual lot of a strata managed building, for instance, are the responsibility of the lot owner to keep clear from obstruction.

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