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Flood Damage Carpet Drying Services in Sydney

What makes Mr Flood the best carpet drying Sydney has to offer

Did you know that if you don’t start the flood damage carpet drying process immediately, you’re putting more than your carpet at risk? Whether the flood comes from a wild storm, a burst pipe, or a moment of forgetfulness, the moment there’s a sizable amount of water upon a carpet, you have just hours to start the drying process.

Under certain conditions it can take as little as 24-36 hours for mould to start growing carpet and underlay which is why you need to act fast. Flood damage carpet drying needs to be about more than just laying some towels down to soak up the surface water, you’ll need specialised equipment for that.

A call to Mr Flood will get an expert out to your location within an hour of your call 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re available on public holidays or even midnight on Christmas Eve if necessary, as you can never predict when a pipe will burst or a storm will hit.

Why contact Mr Flood for flood damage carpet drying?

In addition to being on-site faster than anyone, and therefore able to immediately start mitigating against the risk of mould, Mr Flood’s team of experts are well capable of making a deep site analysis, and develop a strategy to manage the damage.

In addition, in working with Mr Flood, you’ll get access to the equipment critical to properly drying carpet and protecting it from the risk of mould. This equipment includes:

Industrial strength wet/dry vacuums: A conventional vacuum is dangerous to use to try and use on wet carpets, and it’s certainly ineffective at extracting water. Mr Flood’s wet/dry vacuums are industry leading, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently to draw water out of a carpet.

Air blower: You need to work fast after experiencing water damage. An air blower is essential for speeding the flow of air and naturally removing moisture from the environment.

Dehumidifier: It’s not just the carpet and underlay that gets wet in the event of a flood. The ceilings, walls and subfloors are will also be affected despite looking dry on the surface. A dehumidifier is essential in the rapid drying and extraction of moisture from the air which increases drying times and the risk of mould development.

Once we’ve completed the flood damage carpet drying process, our work isn’t done – we’ll also help you with filling out the insurance forms, and have many years of dealing with insurance companies and their claims process.

We work with clients of all sizes, from individual homes, through to strata apartments and large office blocks. What causes floods and the disruption caused by them can vary greatly from one case to the next, so having the experience and expertise across all situations is a key part of why the residents of Sydney have come to rely on Mr Flood when disaster strikes.

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