Whether it’s your home or your business, water damage can be one of the most devastating events that can occur. Apart from the emotional unpleasantness and the inconvenience of water damage, there’s also the physical disruption. And it’s not just from floods or natural disaster. Water damage can happen slowly and sometimes without you even knowing. Like from a slow leak in a pipe, or a gap in a window. With any water damage, mould removal and mould remediation is a key concern. Carpet repair and carpet stain removal is also a priority, and often best left to the professionals. However it happens, it’s important to be aware of the different types of water damage, and how Mr Flood can help keep you safe (and dry).

Clean Water Damage
A common occurrence with water damage is the appearance of “clean water”. This usually occurs when a pipe bursts, or there’s a leak in your ceiling. The water that enters your premises, although certainly inconvenient, is clean and often free of bacteria. This is the easiest type of water to remove, but it’s important that measures are taken promptly, to avoid mould and fungus growth.

Grey Water Damage
Next on the list of water damage types if “grey water” damage. This is water that is slightly contaminated. An example would be from when a washing machine overflows. Any water than has been used in some way would be considered grey. It’s important to use protection and be careful when approaching this type of water damage, as doing so can sometimes cause health and infection problems.

Black Water Damage
Finally, the most unwanted type of water damage is “black water” damage. This is water that’s almost certainly contaminated. This contamination can come from chemicals, pesticides, waste and more. These can not only be unpleasant, but toxic. This kind of water damage is always best left to the professionals. Note also that clean, grey and black don’t correspond to the actual color of the water damage, but just to the levels of contamination in each.

Whatever kind of water damage you’re experiencing, and however it came to occur, in most cases we recommend first contacting a professional service to appraise the situation and advise on the best way forward. At Mr Flood, we have the expertise and the professional experience in dealing with all types of water damage. We can help you protect your carpet, your premises, your equipment, and most importantly your people.

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