The Risks of Doing Your Own Carpet Drying After a Flood


What is your first thought when you see your carpets become flooded after some heavy rain? If you’re like most Australians you probably think “she’ll be right, I’ll fix it myself”. However there are a few important issues you should be aware of before you head to Bunnings and embark on your carpet drying journey:


  1. Depending on the severity of the flooding, you may be at risk of getting electrocuted. When it comes to flooded carpet drying it’s best to use a wet/dry vacuum. Using a towel may feel like you’re making progress but it’s ineffective for carpet drying. You may even get creative and use a heater or standard vacuum to suck up the water but this is quite dangerous due to the electricity and water involved. Appliances like heaters and vacuums typically run at around 8.5 to 9 amps, this means that if you manage to electrocute yourself while using one of these appliances it’s equivalent to one and a half times the power of a defibrillator. Doesn’t sound too fun does it? Ineffective carpet drying techniques can leave your carpet wet for far longer than it should be causing more issues like mould.
  2. Mould is a big issue when it comes to flood damage carpet drying. If an effective carpet drying plan is not carried out, there is every chance that mould may be lurking in your carpet. According to betterhealth.gov.au mould can trigger nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, respiratory infections and more. If your carpet drying techniques are not up to standard, mould can start to grow in as little as 24-48 hours and it will continue to grow until the flooded carpet drying is complete.
  3. An issue a lot of people ignore is the potential for property damage. Sure, some people probably think they could survive some electricity and some mould but how much are you willing to pay to repair your property when a wet carpet turns into flood damage? Mould is the culprit here again. Once mould has set in, it begins to reproduce by spores which travel through the air. So even if you have a tiny leak in one area of the carpet it is completely possible for the mould to spread to previously unaffected areas. This is a big problem in water damage carpet drying because the issue can quickly get out of hand. What can mould do to my house, you ask? Well, mould actually digests organic material so anything from your ceilings, tiles, wallpaper, carpets and more are a buffet lunch.


Now don’t despair, here’s where Mr Flood comes in. Mr Flood is the leading emergency flood restoration specialist in Sydney, did I mention we also provide 24/7 service as well? This way you can rest assured that your carpet drying needs are met no matter what time it is. At Mr Flood we specialise in water extraction, carpet drying and even structural drying as well. The best part is, you wouldn’t need to worry about the 3 points above. That’s our promise when it comes to our premium carpet drying service.



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