The Mr Flood Unparalleled Process

As a leading carpet drying service who is committed to ensuring our customers are given the best results achievable, Mr Flood has devised the perfect process to ensure you’re given the most optimal result in the event of a flooded home. We follow a strict eight step process that allows us to assess the damage, and develop a plan of attack that aims to minimise any damages to your property and allows you to have your home back as early as possible. In the event you do find flooding or water damage to your home, we recommend that you reach out to us, as we are positioned to service our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Once we come out to your property we run a thorough assessment on the water damage and we devise a plan of attack to ensure damages are minimised where possible. Following our assessment will begin our water extraction process with the use of our own extraction machines. Using the water extraction machines will remove the majority of any standing water from the damaged carpet and underlay along with other areas. Included within our water extraction process, we also go through and apply stain removers and antimicrobial treatments where required. Depending on the severity of water damage our next step is the uplift and removal of non-restorable items as in certain circumstances there can be need to remove and replace items that are unable to be restored especially with items of older age. We often find that floating floors are unrestorable due to their laminated construction and will typically need to be replaced. We then move onto supplying and installing drying and dehumidification equipment which is the evaporated carpet drying stage and is carried out through use of mover/dryers and commercial grade dehumidification equipment to create what’s known as a balanced drying method. The next stage in our process is to regularly assess the progress as required at which point we report to you on how the works are progressing. This allows us to ensure we’re on track to getting your property back in the condition desired. Following this, our next process includes the relaying of carpets and underlay once the carpet drying stage has been successfully carried out at our high standards. To conclude our carpet drying services we finish up by finalising our paperwork and invoicing. We understand that you will likely be out of pocket while possibly waiting for insurance to send a cheque out to you which is why we offer a thirty day payment term on our invoice to minimise any financial or cashflow inconveniences.

The Benefits of Choosing a Premium Professional Service

On face value, it might appear lucrative to you to consider having a go at carpet drying yourself to save a few dollars here and there, however carrying out this kind of work without previous experience can pose as a large risk to you if the carpet drying process isn’t carried out correctly. By appointing a carpet drying service you receive full comfort knowing the team at Mr Flood are specialists in this field and have witnessed hundreds of properties with water damage and have successfully carried out restoration services. Moreover, by hiring a professional carpet drying service, we come equipped with all the right equipment for the restoration works. Because we own all of our equipment, this means we always have access to them 24/7, so no matter what day or time of day you require an urgent carpet drying service, we could be out there in no time beginning to fix damages to your property. The quicker you are able to address water damage, the better chances your property has for incurring less damage. If you have to delay the restoration process while waiting for the right equipment, this could potentially be more costly for you in the long run. The best part about hiring a professional carpet drying service means you do nothing, we take care of all the hassles of removing carpet and underlay where needed, setting up our equipment and monitoring the progress of the restoration.


Why Is A Flooded House So Bad?

As a carpet drying service who have been called out to various sites we have seen the bad and absolute ugly in the way of flood and water damages to a property. Flood and water damage is something that shouldn’t be under rated at all. At first some individuals might think that it’s only some water, how bad can it be? At first glance, you might think that once you’re able to remove any excess water from the property that naturally the water will just dry up and everything should slowly go back to normal. This cannot be further from the truth. Action should be taken as soon as you observe any water damage to your property in order to minimise damages to the property and the furnishings and other items within the property. If you were to leave flood or water damage to its own device, you could be up for hefty bills if the water impacts the properties structure. Furthermore, if left untreated or not treated properly, you could begin experiencing mould throughout the property which could have impacts on the health of individuals residing, working or visiting the property, not to mention the absolutely nasty smells that would be associated with mould. As a professional carpet drying service we have full appreciation for the various kinds of damage water can do to a property which is why we know what to look for and how to assess a water damaged property and take steps to carry out the best restoration. Even if at first the water damage doesn’t seem that bad, all it takes is a leak to make its way through a crack in a wall or floor which could lead to all kinds problems down the track if not addressed adequately. Offering a professional carpet drying service, Mr Flood is adept with ensuring carpet drying is undertaken in the event of a leak or flood.


The Benefits of Choosing a Premium Professional Service

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