Carpet Drying 13 Step Process

If you are in the unfortunate situation where you have found your carpet flooded and are in dire need of carpet drying, then Mr. Flood is the company to call. Not just experts in the industry but our thirteen-step carpet drying process will have your carpeted area back in action as soon as possible. After you give us a call, and that can be anytime as we service the Sydney region twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year, we will be at your door as fast as we can to conduct an initial inspection and give you a quote. While on the phone though, the person you speak to is fully qualified to answer any of your questions so once we get there, the process will be very smooth. Once you give us approval to help out, we will ensure that the source of the flood damage has been stopped. That way you are do not run the risk of further damage or any of the work being a waste of time. Once everything is contained, the next step is to secure any valuables and remove as much furniture from the are as possible so we can start the carpet drying process. It is also a good idea to have any young children or pets out of the way and not being able to access the area. Once everything is out the way, then we can start the extraction of any excess water. It is always recommended to leave this step to the experts as it can be a tedious process and can damage any equipment you may use to try and clean it up. We also can spot any possible signs there will be staining, so we treat those areas so you do not end up with any stains once the carpet is dry. If we cannot treat the stains, then we can recommend a professional service. Then we will install the dehumidifiers and dryers not just for carpet drying but to remove the moisture from the air as well. Once everything has been installed and all urgent work has been attended to, we will give you advice and an action plan on how to proceed. We will also help with any insurance plan if required. We will return when necessary to remove all fans and dryers, you do not have to do any of that, and we will also follow up with any necessary treatment or work that needs to be done. This includes the relaying of carpets and returning furniture to its place. We will be with you from start to finish and even beyond when the invoice is paid, we will be there if you need us.

Insurance and Paying for Carpet Drying

Knowing who pays for any damage when a room gets flooded can be a tricky situation. Will you be liable for the carpet drying fees if you are renting or have insurance? Different housing and property situations require different approaches but our team at Mr Flood can assist you with any claims and advice along the way. We will help you document, take photos and address any damage to your carpet, property and even contents so if you need to make an insurance claim, you will have all the necessary requirements covered. While we always give the initial quote before, we start any work, we do not require payment till a week after the process has finished, so you have time to organise finances and insurance before the invoice is due. We understand that we are called in for our carpet drying services, it is more often than not an emergency so we want to make sure you are looked after as best as possible because it will be an unexpected expense. It is part of our process to aid any insurance claims and give any advice therefore if you need as to help you with a claim then we are happy to help you every step of the way.

Structural Drying

Unfortunately, when an area becomes flooded, there can be more issues than just flooded carpet. Structural water damage can be a major issue and if it is not addressed then it can lead to dire consequences for your property. When water absorbs into the foundations or structural elements of the building, whether it be concrete or timber floors, ceilings or even the wall itself, it can be dangerous to your health, safety and the structural integrity of the building. Mould can grow, which is where the danger to the health can be or the structure itself can weaken and warp, which mean that it is no longer safe to reside in. This can lead to parts of the building collapsing or breaking down, or absolutely toxic. Which is why if you experience flooding in your home, even if you do not need carpet drying, calling an expert in to assess any possibility of residual water or dampness in the structures of the building is imperative. Experts can assess and pinpoint any problem spots along with having access to equipment to dry out the structure. By using dryers, heaters and dehumidifiers, they can take the moisture out of the air as well as the structure, to give your building the best possible chance at recover and helping it avoid any lasting damage. With this kind of situation, it is important to get it assessed and tended to as soon as possible, as you do not want the structure to be sitting damp and slowly obtaining moisture. At Mr Flood, we do not just offer carpet drying, we offer structural drying as well. We know that when a flood happens, water can cause absolute havoc, especially if the flood has come from.an internal source like a burst pipe. Like our carpet drying service, we will be able to help you every step of the way from putting you in touch with professionals to fix any building damage to helping you with your insurance claims.

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