How To: Carpet Drying After A Flood.

Why Consider Hiring A Professional?

Although at first it might be worth considering having a crack at completing the carpet drying yourself to save some pennies, you are risking a furnishing in your home that likely cost you thousands to install so it makes sense to consider hiring a business that has completed the carpet drying process hundreds of times. If you are unsure of the damage water can do to carpet you should know that it can have a terrible impact if the water hasn’t been dried out properly such as the onset of wet carpet small throughout your house and mould growing if not treated properly. Although the aroma of wet carpet throughout your house or business might not necessarily be dangerous it can make your living or working areas rather uncomfortable for anyone attending the premises. For these reasons it should become a serious consideration to hire a professional for the carpet drying process in order to give you the best possible chances of reducing the smell lingering for any longer than it needs to. Alternatively a more costly way to get rid of potential bad smells and mould would be to replace the whole carpet which could have been avoided if a professional carpet drying process was deployed from the start. In a more severe case the wet and humid surface of wet carpet and other structures that are not dried professionally after flooding have potential to cause the growth of mould. Major concerns associated with mould is that it can potentially cause major health issues, especially to those who are allergic, and could even lead to structural damage of the dwelling which begins to become a safety concern. Some jobs are sometimes just better off left to the professionals rather than taking chance to save a few dollars. Provided that your carpet is typically not a cheap feature in your premises, contacting a professional service like Mr Flood can ensure not only will your carpet be safe but you, your family or those in your building or workplace will be too. Our carpet drying process has been proven and test and is carried out in the most efficient and effective way.

Steps To Take After A Flood

In the event you do happen to find yourself in a situation where you have flood damage and you aren’t in a position to engage a professional right then and there to carry out a thorough carpet drying service, you’re likely thinking that the carpet in your premises is a write off, however there could be a glimmer of hope if you can act fast. By taking fast action you could potentially save the carpet rather than having to possibly wait around for your insurance company to cover the flood damage event. Thankfully there are ways you can help protect your carpet from taking any more damage. The obvious recommendation is to contact the twenty-four, seven experts in emergency flood damage but while you wait there are things that you can do to help minimise some of the damage that is unfolding. You should start by making your best effort to remove the water as fast as possible. Removing any water that is on the surface level can be done if you have a wet/dry vacuum. Do not take risk of using any heaters or vacuums that are not designed for water as you can risk electrocution. Towels are also quite ineffective as well so it is always best to wait for a professional. Once the carpet drying process has been done, hiring a steam cleaning service is also recommended as steam cleaning and deodorizing can help make sure that none of the wet carpet smell continues lingering on the carpet or the underlay. By taking swift action you could begin to get the carpet drying process underway and there could be less smell to have to deal with.

Actions to Take in the Event of Flooding

Lets face it, it is highly unlikely anyone has sat down to map out the steps they would take in the event of a flood, which is why we’ve considered some high level actions you can take to help minimise some of the impact you’re likely to experience as a result. By not having any plan in place in the event of a flood will likely cause some serious stress levels as there will be so much variables to consider, so most importantly, keep a level head. Assuming there are no life threatening hazards on the premises you should first start by figuring out where the water is coming from before you tackle any other issues like structural or carpet drying. Once you are able to determine what the cause is, stop the source of the flooding, if possible or necessary. In some cases you can consider locating the closest water supply and shutting it off. If the source of the escaping water from a burst hot water main or cracked pipe, trying to repair something like this is too serious for someone who isn’t a specialist in the area, it will simply be too dangerous to tackle. If the issue is coming from any storm damage, especially if there is structural damage, then a builder or a repairer may need to be contacted. Once you have handled the initial issue, you should also begin considering any valuable possessions on the premises are kept safe and are not at risk of damage from the flooding. You should also consider that if you continue to remain on the premises, any excess water can be dangerous, especially for little ones and pets, and if there is a risk for any further damage or issues; you want everything out of the path as much as possible. After you have neutralised any hazards it will be time to consider a professional for the carpet drying of the premises. For the carpet drying process which is quality and exceptional with proven results, contact Mr Flood.

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