What To Look For in a Carpet Drying Service

So you’ve arrived home or awoken to your home being flooded with water and you’re now looking to try and salvage as many valuable items as possible, which is a pretty normal initial reaction when seeing damage to your premises. When it comes to the soaking your carpet has incurred there are definitely some important considerations to make before going a head and hiring a carpet drying service willy nilly. Although your initial reactions might drive you to just picking the first drying service that appears in your search engine, there are some other considerations to make before getting a carpet drying service to your house, and these considerations shouldn’t take very long in the event of the emergency that has happened. A great place to start is to reach out to your family, friends or colleagues to ask if they have every had to use a carpet drying service. In this instance if someone you know is happy enough to refer you a business that does a quality job, it means their happy to put their name on the line also. This indicates strongly how well the business performed that they are referring. Failing that anyone you know can pass on a recommendation another channel to get a referral are the online community pages on social media. You will often find that community members can be responsive and also very helpful. If you’re able to at least see a few people on these community pages referring the same business then you’re probably onto a winner. Once you do have the name of a business you should also do some of your own due diligence and check their reviews on the internet too in order to ensure their service is consistent and they don’t have bad days where they don’t deliver on their service. Finally, another check is to look at the business website to ensure they are a legitimate business who know how to professionally carry out their service. At Mr Flood we want to see anyone and everyone get the best possible carpet drying service available. If the unfortunate has happened and your carpet is drowning please reach out to us so we can work our magic.

Why is Wet Carpet So Bad?

On face value, wet carpet doesn’t sound that bad. Naturally anything that is wet will ultimately dry. This is the case with carpet, however it is a different ball game when compared to other materials as carpet can be a breeding ground for bacteria; it’s not like you can just lift up the carpet to let it air out as it’s obviously fixed to the floor and also has other materials underneath is like the carpet underlay and other building materials that you can expect as part of a dwelling. If you happen to be a victim of a flood and your carpet has been compromised it’s typically best to address the issues as early as possible. If carpet drying hasn’t been effective this could lead to the growth of mould, which has been known to be harmful to human health when exposed to spores for long periods of time.

In the event that the mould has grown there’s a good chance that the carpet will need to be replaced which is likely more costly than hiring a carpet drying service. Furthermore, if the moisture from the wet carpets managed to reach the sub floor under the carpet pad it can ultimately lead to potential structural damage, which is when the serious damage bills are likely to kick in.

Revive or Replace?

In the unfortunate event that your home has become flooded and that newly installed carpet that you and your family have been enjoying is now soaked, replacing the carpet is likely going to become an expensive exercise. At Mr Flood we receive genuine satisfaction when being called out to a job where we can implement our skills and service to achieve the ideal result where the carpet can be salvaged for the property owners. It is not uncommon where we hear that homeowners home has become flooded, they have observed the carpet and instantly written it off as they might not realise that quality carpet drying services exist. It does not matter how much or how little water the carpet has experienced, it is always worth reaching out to a carpet drying service like ourselves, Mr Flood, to at least come out to your premises and assess the damage. In most cases, we can pretty much get the carpet back to its former glory. It would be an absolute shame to have to replace all your carpet when it could simply benefit from a carpet drying service and you could still continue to get years of more life from your carpet. At Mr Flood we advocate for reviving your carpet as we enjoy seeing our customers benefit from the service as it means they are able to keep their existing carpet and probably save a small fortune along the way by retaining it. Moreover, this means our customers won’t need to go through all the fuss of having to get their existing soggy and mould carpet pulled out and replaced with new carpet. This all of a sudden means they need to either act quickly to hire someone to rip up the damaged carpet or do it them selves while also coordinating the install of brand new carpet which is likely to be a costly exercise. If you have the option to revive your carpet from water damage, you should absolutely consider it.

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