Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning & Restoration in Sydney

How to deal with a water damaged carpet

If you’ve had a burst pipe and a pool of water has accumulated on your carpet, then you’re going to need a properly qualified team of water damage experts to attend to your home. Water damaged carpets cannot be adequately restored using regular home cleaning and drying solutions.

For example, did you know that you should not use heaters to try a water damaged carpet? Or that heat isn’t considered a safe approach to drying carpet at all? If you apply excess heat to a water damaged carpet, you may damage it further, as the carpet might shrink, and in extreme cases it’s an additional fire risk.

Towels aren’t going to be much of a help either. A towel works if you spill a glass of water on the floor. However, when the carpet has been flooded, the damage will be more extensive, the underlay and subfloor will also be soaked. Towels cannot extract that moisture, and if left can start to cause issues such as mould, even if the surface appears dry.

What about vacuum cleaners, then? People will often think to use vacuum cleaners, especially when the wet carpet has a smell. Unfortunately, household vacuum cleaners are not designed to vacuum up water, and in fact if you try to use them for that purpose, you can damage them, or even electrocute yourself.

You need specialised equipment to manage a water damaged carpet, including dehumidifiers, specialised vacuums, and blowers that will dry the floor without applying heat. That equipment can be very expensive to buy or rent yourself, and that’s where Mr Flood comes in.

Our team has been expertly trained to analyse and address the full gamut of water damage, from mild through to heavy damage. We’ll develop a strategy to approach the damage with the goal of preserving as much as possible, while also recommending further action if the damage is so significant that you need to look at replacement. Because we’re on site quickly (generally within an hour of you contacting us), we’re able to get the remediation work underway quickly, which is essential for minimising the impact of water damage.

Understanding the different kinds of water damage

In addition to needing specialised equipment to effectively deal with water damage, it’s also important that you understand that there are different kinds of water, and this can effect the restoration process. Water damage from the kitchen tap is a relatively easy restoration process, and in most cases, once the carpet and underlay has been properly dried, there will be no further issues. However, if the water has come from the bathroom and includes sewage elements, the restoration work is going to be much more significant, as the carpet will need to be removed, and the underlay and subfloor treated in order to ensure that the water residue doesn’t become a health hazard.

Mr Flood is your greatest support here, too. Our expert team is well versed in the different sources of water damage, and the best course of action to take in each case. We always put health and safety concerns first, and make sure that, if you do need more extensive restoration work, you’re able to make the relevant claims to your insurance company.