FLOODED CARPET ACTION PLAN – Step 05 2019-10-31T14:00:22+00:00

Step 5: Treatment for stains and water marks

One of the consequences of a flooded room is the potential for stains and marks to be left behind as the space dries out. It is, obviously, not something that you want to happen to your own property.
Luckily, the team at Mr. Flood are trained to recognise the signs of water stains and marks and treat them at a point where they can still be treated. It is better to deal with issues such as marks and stains before the water has a chance to fully dry, and for the marks and stains to become permanent.

If we encounter some water damage to the space or wet carpets that cannot be repaired on the spot for any reason, we will also analyse whether some additional specialist care might prevent the water leaving noticeable marks.

At all stages in the treatment process we keep our customers fully informed about their options and potential subsequent action paths. And, if there are alternate solutions that you would prefer to the water damage, then we will work with you in whatever capacity we can to help facilitate this.

Step 6: Installation of dryers and/or dehumidifiers