Mr. Flood: Wet Carpet Drying and Repair Done Swiftly and Efficiently

Every few years, Sydney makes global headlines as a city where nature demonstrates its destructive force and leaves behind devastating damage. But even if you live in an area that is not so flood-prone as Sydney, you may stand agape, finding a building flooded with water while a few hours before, it was still perfectly dry.

Does it look as if your walls and floor are damaged beyond saving? Do you fear you’ll have the discard your furniture, and are you sure that wet carpet repair will prove fruitless? Don’t lose hope. Mr. Flood can make the difference between catastrophe and “it could have been worse.” We have extensive know-how, and work according to a 13-step plan to make any room or building habitable again, wet carpet drying included, often in less than a week’s time.

Causes of Flooding

If you live in Sydney, rainstorms come to mind as one of the first possible flood causes. Indeed, the weather in New South Wales is two sides of the same coin with warm to hot summers and cold but very wet winters. If rain falls excessively, rivers such as the Paramatta, the Nepean, the Hawkesbury, and the Georges River can swell and burst their banks. Perhaps you’ve just found the house of your dreams and realise it’s located in an area where floods are more likely to occur. You may curse, but the only thing you can still do is take precautions to limit flooding damage.

Some floods aren’t caused by nature. Just think of a water pipe suddenly bursting and water flooding your kitchen, bathroom or lounge. Infrastructure works may cause accidents to water supply lines. Even worse, a worker can hit a waste-water disposal pipe which adds a health hazard to the nuisance.

If you’re keen, you can prevent some of these occurrences, but even a careful person may yet be confronted with inundated spaces in a building.

Mr. Flood on site quickly for water extraction, wet carpet repair, and wet carpet drying

It stands to reason that when you find one or more rooms in a building flooded, immediate action is required. You will want to be rid of the excess water as quickly as possible. Every hour that the water stays in its place, it reduces the chances of wet carpet repair, but also to the floor, its supporting structure and the ceiling below are both weakened. The health implications can be dire too, considering that mould thrives in a humid environment. If sewage water has entered your home, additional hygiene measures will be necessary.

Contact Mr. Flood quickly to have the water extracted. We’re on emergency number 1300 673 566 which is active 24/7. Once we have your address details, we’ll probably be on site in less than an hour. Rely on us for extracting the water, cleaning everything up and drying the wet carpet. It is our pleasure to advise you on all financial and legal matters, including your insurance. By the time we’re ready, the affected room and carpets will be in tip-top shape again, and you will smile, agreeing wholeheartedly that things could have been much worse.

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