Flood Damage? Rely on Mr. Flood for Restoration Services and Water Damage Extraction

Did you have a disturbed sleep last night, because the constant noise of dripping or flowing water invaded your dreams? When you awoke, did your home offer you a ghastly sight involving ten to twenty centimetres of water? Broken seals, clogged drains, loose water connectors or aged plumbing can cause water leaks. A tree root may find its way into your house or the temperature suddenly rising after a few cold days may force your water pipes to contract, expand, and crack.

Perhaps you slept well even though rain or hailstones pounded at your window, the wind thrashed the city of Sydney and lightning crashed all night long. The morning light may offer you a highly unpleasant sight. The city of Sydney offers many opportunities, but sadly, due to its climate, it’s also a flood-prone area. Suddenly you find yourself in urgent need of flood damage services, and you wonder if there was anything you could do to prevent this.

Prevention is better than cure

You can take some simple measures to ward off a water leakage. Check your house’s plumbing regularly. If you notice an increase in your water bill, this may be a sign that water is leaking away somewhere. Tree roots can give their presence away by creating sinkholes in your garden. When you’re tending your garden, keep an eye open for them. When you know that cold weather is on its way, wrap temperature-sensitive piping so that they won’t contract, and then expand too quickly.

The city of Sydney and the NSW Government do a lot against high rainfall or hailstorms and subsequent flooding, but there are some things you can do yourself too. A sump pit with a pump doesn’t cost much and can work miracles. Install a weeping tile to drain off excess water to your sump pit. Check your basement walls and seal any possible apertures. Place barriers in front of your doors and windows. If you know that a storm is heading Sydney’s way, keep plastic bags handy. You can fill them and use them as an alternative to sandbags.

For flood damage services, contact Mr. Flood

Despite your precautions, disaster may yet strike. You cannot foresee everything. Street workers may hit the waterworks by accident, flooding an entire street in a matter of moments.

All it takes is a telephone call to our 24/7 hotline, an email or a message on our contact page to send us to your request for water damage extraction and flood damage restoration. Our company is located centrally, and whether you live to the far north or south, or inland, we usually don’t need more than an hour to arrive.

Rely on Mr. Flood for all flood damage services, from extracting the water, disposal of items that are beyond repair or saving, and contacting any parties involved. We’ll assist you with advice pertaining to your insurance. We work according to a strict flood restoration action plan so that your home will be clean again in no time at all.

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