Risks To Your Home With Summer Storms

With summer here and the humid, muggy weather upon us, there is the risk of summer storms which can cause flooding in your home. Broken tiles in the roof can allow water leakage into the home or if you are in a flood risk zone, you can end up being surrounded by floodwater. Luckily Mr Flood offers a carpet drying service with exceptional quality service. A common characteristic of Australian summer storms are the instances of floods whereby there is severe density of rainfall in a very short space of time. This typically low laying areas to build up with a body of water very quickly, and if your home is within this vicinity you can very quickly find yourself and your home in some deep water. A flash flood will occur with such severity that the supporting drainage systems in our streets are not able to cope with all the rainfall in the short space of time that the water will have nowhere to go, but rise to the point that it enters your home. With the summer storms and heavy rainfall that can flood your home from below, there is also risk of water making its way into your home through the ceiling. With the harsh Australian sun, it is not uncommon for the heat to cause damage over a long term to roof tiles and other materials on your home and when the damage leads to an opening, a summer storm can have devastating impacts on your property. Thankfully for our carpet drying service, Mr Flood is here to save the day, along with your home and its belongings. As you can appreciate, while the flooding is occurring it is best to take safety measures outlined by our authorities. However, once you’re able to contact us to enter your property to address the water damage, we can be out there quicker than you expect at any time of the day and achieve an outstanding carpet drying service. 

How To Be As Flood Ready As You Can

If you are concerned that your property could be the perfect target for a flood, your area is prone to flooding, or perhaps its just a thought in the back of your mind that maybe one day a flood could occur, you might be wondering, how can I be flood ready? As a carpet drying service we have seen various ways home can be flooded and as a result we know some considerations customers now make to also ensure they can put themselves in a more favourable position in the event of a flood. Because in some instances, the onset of a flood is out of anyone’s control, however by having a plan in place you’re potentially able to minimise some of the damage where it is safe to do so. As a carpet drying service we take safety very seriously, so if your home is flooded and you have assessed it as a major risk, consider the appropriate course of action to take. In the event you are experiencing a flood you can look to promptly secure any hazardous items in the property, roll up rugs, move furniture, electrical items and valuable to a higher level if possible. Consider placing important documents, valuables and vital medical supplied into a waterproof case in a location that will remain accessible to you. If you have access to sandbags, consider blocking toilets with the sandbags to potentially prevent sewage back-up to your property. Have an evacuation plan in place for both family and pets so give your household or business the best chance of exiting the premises safely. It is sensible to have an emergency kit in the event of a flood. As a carpet drying service who are regularly appointed to assist with the aftermath of flood and water damage we’ve found that property owners who have had a plan in place have typically been able to minimise the damage in certain areas while also keeping their family safe.

I’ve Been Flooded – Now What?

Perhaps you’ve woken up, or returned back to you property to find an unfortunate event has occurred and the property you own is now flooded and you likely want to know how you can minimise damages as much as possible and where ever possible. Thankfully even without the assistant of a carpet drying service like Mr Flood, there are some simple steps you can take to help minimise some of the damage that is unfolding on the property. With water and flood damage, time is typically of the essence, the longer water is left to sit there and soak into the property and it’s furnishings, the more likely you are to be worse off, so taking immediate against the idling water is critical in aiding the restoration of the property. As a carpet drying service with years of experience in managing the flood or water damage restoration process from start to finish, we normally recommend picking up the phone and contacting a carpet drying service immediately, however there are some steps you can take before the carpet drying service arrives to the property. You should start by making your best effort to remove the water as fast as possible. Removing any water that is on the surface level can be done if you have a wet/dry vacuum. Do not take risk of using any heaters or vacuums that are not designed for water as you can risk electrocution. Towels are also quite ineffective as well so it is always best to wait for a professional. Once the carpet drying process has been done, hiring a steam cleaning service is also recommended as steam cleaning and deodorizing can help make sure that none of the wet carpet smell continues lingering on the carpet or the underlay. By taking swift action you could begin to get the carpet drying process underway until the professional carpet drying service arrives to begin the full detailed restoration.

How to be as flood ready as you can – Carpet Drying

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