Generally, cleaning can be a big task, but it can be even more challenging when you have to take care of carpet drying after a water situation or a leak. There are so many ways you can handle water-damaged carpet drying, but some of them are faster than others. If you are looking for a way to get your carpet faster and easier, we have helped curate a list of some of the best ways to clean your carpet fast.

3 Ways To Make Your Carpet Drying Process Faster

Before we get into the different ways of cleaning, you must figure out why carpet drying is an essential task, why is it crucial for you to get your carpet dry and dry fast? Here are the things about the whole carpet drying process: there is a small part between the surface of the carpet and the padding under it. That space may not meet much to you as the owner, but it can become a problem really quickly.

That small space between the surface and the padding can become a breeding ground for mildew, molds, and microorganisms that can start growing after a cleaning session, or while the carpet is still dry.

These microorganisms can lead to health issues, and cause a terrible smell that can pollute your entire room. This is one of the primary reasons you must learn how to dry your carpet as fast as possible after cleaning it.

3 Ways To Make Your Carpet Drying Process Faster

In this article, we have listed five different methods you can employ in flooded carpet drying situations. These are fast and efficient in achieving a general hygienic space, without the foul smell that comes from a damp carpet.

Let’s get into the carpet drying process right away!

  1. Making Enough Air Flow: The logic we employ when we want to dry our clothes quickly and efficiently is to hang them outside in the sun. The same logic can be used when doing carpet drying in the inner West. If you are looking for a quick way to dry a carpet, make sure to carry the carpet outside and leave it under the sun to dry.

If the soaked carpet is in a room that is airy with enough free doors and windows, then you don’t have to bother about much. All you have to do is open all of the doors and windows and let enough air and sun come into the room. This way, you do not have to find an outdoor space for your huge carpet or worry about how to carry it outside.

Once you have created a sufficiently ventilated environment room for the soaked carpet to dry, it makes the carpet drying process a lot faster. This is also a great way to prevent any unhygienic smell inside the room and house in general. Also, while this is a great way to dry your carpet, this process is highly dependent on the weather. So, if it’s humid weather, it wouldn’t be so effective and cloudiness might even worsen the process.

Please note that if you are doing carpet drying in the lower North shore and have two windows on the opposite side of the walls, you should open both windows, one completely and the other, only slightly. These can create a strong funnel for the wind, making the water-damaged carpet drying process a lot easier.

  1. Use a Fan: If the current weather is humid or generally unfavorable, the air will not do much good for dry carpet. This is when you bring in the cavalry, a fan!

While any kind of fan might be good enough, ceiling fans do exceptionally well with carpet drying because the most efficient way to dry your carpet with a fan is for the fan to be directly above the carpet. The direct opposite placement of both fan and carpet creates a funnel of air that helps the carpet begin drying up immediately.

Of course, it is also alright to use a table or standing fans. These fans are also capable of getting the work done. Once you can place them under the fan, the carpet can dry immediately. The only thing about these fans is limited reach, so you might have to start moving the fan for each side to dry one after the other. If you can, a way to hasten the process is to place two fans in the opposite directions to aid fast and efficient drying.

  1. Utilize Air-Conditioners: You can consider using an air-conditioner if you are looking to try a flood-damaged carpet drying process, do not have a fan, and cannot take the carpet outside because of insufficient airflow. This option should be a last resort because air conditioners do not circulate air appropriately, and might increase your maintenance budget because you have to run the AC on high.

Air conditioners might also not provide you with fresh air and a clean environment, as the entire space might get stuffy quickly. However, an air-conditioner is the best option in the absence of fan and outdoor air. Also, one thing to note, is that the cold air from the air conditioner might make it difficult to determine if your carpet is still damp or dry.


Carpet drying in the Eastern Suburbs is something you cannot afford to do wrongly. You must find a way to ensure that you get a soaked carpet dried up as fast as possible. Asides from the options mentioned above, you can also try other home options like exposing the pad and blowing air directly on it or towel drying, which would involve some manual input from your end.

The most efficient option of carpet drying in Bondi, however, is to employ the professional services of Mr. Flood for your carpet drying services. We have expert professionals who will attend to your carpets and have them dry in no time, regardless of the size, type, or design of carpet that you have.

We have the means to work with all kinds of carpets and help you achieve a dry and hygienic environment as fast as possible. Check us out today and get all the professional help you need!


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