FLOODED CARPET ACTION PLAN – Step 07 2019-10-31T14:01:52+00:00

Step 7: Advice and action plan for customer

Following the installation of the dryers and/ or dehumidifiers, the critical, urgent work has been completed, and the flood (water damage) has been, effectively, “cleaned up.” Other emergency response teams might finish with their service there, but at Mr. Flood, we understand that there is still plenty more work to be done in order to either prevent further damage, and/ or repair or restore what was damaged from the water.

With that in mind, once the urgent tasks have been resolved, we will then sit down with the customer to discuss the next steps they should take, and what they should do in order to prevent any further problems down the path. We will help draft an action plan for each of our customers, while resolving any further queries or concerns that they might have on the spot.

The action plan itself will be tasks that you won’t need any further expertise to complete for yourself, though if there are areas where you might want or need additional help, we can help facilitate that for you as well. We take our commitments to a full end-to-end service seriously at Mr. Flood, and will always be available for additional support in the days and weeks ahead if you have any new questions or new problems occur following the clean-up.

Step 8: Assistance with insurance claim application if required