FLOODED CARPET ACTION PLAN – Step 02 2019-10-31T13:59:29+00:00

Step 2: Ensure the source of the flood damage has ceased

This might sound like a case of stating the obvious, but in the event of a water damage to carpets or flooring, it’s important to ensure that the cause of the flood damage is no longer an issue. Too often people set about the clean-up of their flood affected carpet, only to discover later that water is continuing to leak, making the clean-up harder work than it should be, or simply not effective.

It might even be that the customer has already had a plumber arrive on the scene to shut the water off and repair the root cause, but if there is still residual water coming from any source (such as leftover leaking), then it is important to deal with that leak first before the drying begins.

As part of the full end-to-end service, the first thing we will do on the job will be to scour the area for any sources of water and manage those before starting to deal with the clean-up itself.

Step 3: Removal of furniture and valuables to a safe location