Sydney Storm Creates Water Damage to City and CBD Offices Requiring Wet Carpet Repair

Last weekend a storm drenched the city of Sydney. As office manager, you were the first to arrive Monday morning and you were greeted with a pool of water right in the centre of the office. The old damaged roof already needed repair, but now it’s leaking. You don’t know how long the water has been leaking into the centre of the office, but you do know that the office was carpeted to protect wood floors underneath. You need wet carpet repair in Sydney CBD fast. The office staff will not be able to utilise their workspace until you resolve the issue.

Don’t wait days for the insurance company to send out their Sydney water damage repair representative. By then, the wooden floors may be damaged beyond repair. Instead, call on Mr. Flood’s 27-hour daily emergency service for Sydney city storm damage repair. Our IICRC and Strata certified technicians provide comprehensive water damage repair throughout Sydney. We have team members on standby ready to take your call, answer your questions, provide tips and advice, and dispatch service personnel for an obligation-free estimate within the hour.

Get the Office Up and Running Fast with Sydney Water Damage Repair from Mr. Flood

We understand that time lost in the office is revenue lost for the entire company. After an assessment of the property, the damage, and ensuring that the source of the damage has been taken care of, we work in conjunction with your company’s needs to get your office up and running as soon as possible. After our initial assessment, we’ll move any furniture or valuables at risk then remove any standing water and remove any stains the flood may have caused.

At this point, many businesses find that the workspace is functional enough to resume business. Next, we use equipment designed for wet carpet repair that works to suck moisture out of the air, carpet, underlay and any structures. We ensure a complete drying process that avoids latent moisture damage such mould that can build up under the carpet. We leave our dryers in place and return periodically to adjust them until the treated area is 100% dry.

Hassle-Free Water Remediation from Mr. Flood

We believe in transparency from the first contact through our follow-up visits. We’re happy to walk you through our entire process and answer any questions. We have also posted our detailed process on our website. While our business revolves around water damage and insurance claims, we understand that the average person can find navigating through an emergency such as this overwhelming. We’ll help you determine who is financially responsible and assist you with filing a claim with your insurance company to cover the Sydney city storm damage repair. Our itemised invoicing for Sydney CBD wet carpet repair is easy to read, and most projects qualify for delayed billing giving you time to be paid out by your insurance company first and thus avoiding out-of-pocket costs.

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