North Shore Beaches Residents Save time and Money with Storm Water and Flood Damage Extraction

Having water leaks in a residential home isn’t uncommon. In fact, damage to floors and carpets from water can be a result of a leaky pipe, a faulty kitchen or bathroom appliance, or even some hidden structural defect within the of the home. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you may have experienced water damage at some point in your life.

While water damage can be daunting, there are some steps you can take to make the situation less complicated. First, contact a flood restoration professional. At Mr Flood, we are proud of our reputation as a leader in Northern Beaches storm water extraction and flood damage extraction in the North Shore. With a team of friendly and talented flood damage technicians, we work with our clients to ensure they receive a prompt, professional service.

Resolve Carpet Damage with Affordable Northern Beaches Storm Water Extraction

We use a 13-step carpet flood restoration action plan that is efficient and proven to provide high-quality emergency carpet cleaning, restoration, and damage remediation. Our Northern Beaches storm water extraction customers can attest to how our timely services enabled them to return to their homes in no time.

The steps we follow for the efficient extraction of storm and flood water include the following:

  1. Arrive and Inspect. We will arrive at your door within an hour and inspect the premise and assess any damages.
  2. Cease Leaks: Our technicians will ensure that the source of the water leak has been stopped.
  3. Remove Items: Our team will remove or relocate your personal furniture items to eliminate the potential for further damage.
  4. Extract Water. We will remove any standing water to allow the drying process to begin.
  5. Assess Stains: A consequence of water damage is stains and marks on the damaged surface. We will provide a treatment for stains and watermarks and keep you apprised of the progress.
  6. Drying Process: By installing dryers and dehumidifiers we can continue the ventilation process.

Experience the Difference with Professional Flood Damage Extraction in North Shore

After we have assessed the damage and remediated the water, we will work with you to create an action plan that is as unique as your situation. This plan includes assistance with insurance claims and applications, a follow-up visit to assess the progress of the remediation plan, and adjustment of the driers. Once the area is completely dry, we will return a second time to remove the fans.

After we re-lay the carpets and replace the furniture items, we may consider the job complete. However, our reputation as a full-service flood damage remediation company is important to us, so we will make sure you are 100% satisfied before we ask you to sign off on the job.

Don’t get overwhelmed with flooding and water damage. Now you have a reliable partner in the water damage restoration business. Just give us a call on 130 673 566 and let our team of dedicated professionals help you manage water or flooding damage today.

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