Step 9: Return visit for progress inspection and adjustment of driers

We will leave the driers with you for a couple of days, as they take a while to fully remove the excess moisture from the air, walls, and flooring. After that time, we will drop by again for an inspection, at which time we’ll determine if the driers need to be moved around, and if there have been any new challenges to be addressed. It might well be that at this point of time the work has been finished, and we can take the driers away and proceed on to the conclusion to the project. At other times, and for especially extensive water damage, it will often require a little longer. Changing the position of the driers once will often be the last stage of the water damage clean up process, so don’t worry, we’re nearly at the end at this stage.  
Step 10: Removal of extraction fans once area is 100% dry