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How to handle a burst pipe for Sydney locals and businesses

You’ve come home to discover water everywhere. Perhaps it’s as simple as you’ve accidently left a tap on, but equally, it could be something worse – there are any number of potential causes for a burst pipe in Sydney. Perhaps a cold snap has caused a pipe to crack, or perhaps some renovations have accidently broken a pipe. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to work fast, as soon as you notice the damage.

1)  Turn the water off

The first priority after noticing a burst pipe is to stop the flow of water into the area. Find the water supply valve and turn it off. Be mindful if this will affect other residents, if you share a water supply, and be sure to also notify them immediately that you need to do this.

2)  Turn the power off in any affected area

You should also turn the power off for any room that has flooded. Even if the water level hasn’t reached the power points, there’s the potential that water has soaked into the walls and might reach wiring there. The general dampness in the air following a burst pipe is another concern, so for the sake of safety, turn the power supply to those affected rooms off.

3)  Call a plumber

Assuming that the burst pipe is too damaged to repair yourself (and don’t try to repair it unless it is a very small issue), then contact a plumber as a second step. Even if the issue causing the burst pipe seems simple enough, unless you really know what you’re doing, repairs that you attempt might still leak and cause ongoing damage. By contacting a plumber you can guarantee that the repairs will be complete and the underlying issue that caused the burst pipe will be addressed.

4)  Give Mr Flood a call

The amount of water that a burst pipe sprays into a room can have a serious impact on the carpeting, floors and walls. Simply opening a window to allow fresh air to circulate, and using towels to mop up the surface water, is not going to be sufficient. Once the water has soaked into the carpet and environment, it can turn to mould and other potentially harmful substances.

To protect the building and your health, you should call Mr Flood as soon as possible. You’ll have less than 24 hours before the mould starts to set in, but we’ll be on site within the hour to start the restoration process. With a true 24/7, 365 day per year service, Mr Flood is the expert in restoration following a burst pipe that Sydney relies on.

Experiencing a burst pipe can be an unnerving, stressful experience, but if you work fast and efficiently, and make sure you get the right help on board quickly, in many cases you will find that the burst pipe causes no damage to the rest of your property and possessions. Contact us today!