Contact relevant other parties

28 October 2015

flood restoration sydney
In many instances you may need to contact other relevant parties and advise them of the flood damage. In strata managed properties the strata company will need to be advised as there will often be aspects of the flood restoration that they will need to approve and pay for. For example, even if your wet carpets and underlay need restoring the strata may be responsible for covering costs for structural drying and restoration of ceilings, walls and concrete or wooden sub-floors within your lot. If the cause of the flood is from broken plumbing, strata may cover the entire cost of the restoration. If you are a rental tenant we recommend contacting your landlord, agent or property manager immediately. Unless you were directly responsible for the flooding the costs for the restoration may be the responsibility of the landlord or strata. The building manager or body corporate representative may also need to be contacted. Most strata managed properties list these contacts on the notice board in the common area or foyer. If you cannot contact your agent your landlord’s information is sometimes listed in your rental tenancy agreement.