Who pays for the restoration?

Ascertaining who is legally responsible to pay for flood damage restoration is sometimes a complex issue. Mr Flood deals with this situation every single day, so we are very familiar with where you stand legally in regards to who is responsible for payment. Each individual case is different and often some important questions need to be answered before determining who will cover the costs. What is important to know is that property and contents insurance does not act like car insurance. If your property is damaged by flood damage from a neighbouring property their insurance does not automatically cover your property. From our experience, you are typically responsible for insuring your own home and contents first and foremost. The only instances where you are able to claim for damage against the insurance of another person or party is where there is either intentional flooding committed (criminal act), clear negligence on behalf of a contractor (like a plumber or other tradesperson making a mistake), or where the plumbing, sprinkler system or drainage that is the sole responsibility of the strata in your building is at fault. Blocked balcony drains within an individual lot of a strata managed building, for instance, are the responsibility of the lot owner to keep clear from obstruction.

Home owner/ dwellers

As a home owner you need to protect your most valued possession, and Mr Flood is available right now to attend to your wet carpet or flood restoration emergency with IICRC trained technicians to get your home returned to its normal condition as soon as possible.

Most flooding situations are covered by your home and contents insurance, and Mr Flood gives you the peace of mind of 30 days payment terms for insured clients so you’re not out of pocket. Don’t wait for your insurance company call centre to act as they can take days to get a restorer to you, call us now and we can usually be on your doorstep in under an hour.

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As a renter you’re not always responsible for the flood that can occur in your home, and nor are you always responsible for payment. You’re protected under the rental tenancy act to seek emergency flood repairs even if you can’t get a hold of your real estate agent or landlord. Don’t worry, Mr Flood can attend to your wet carpet right now and we’ll contact your agent on your behalf and take care of all the details with them.

Was the wet carpet the fault of an overflowed bath, sink or shower? Or maybe your washing machine leaked? If you have contents insurance this may cover the costs. Either way, Mr Flood does great rates for non-insured clients too.

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Business Operator

Mr Flood specialises in catering for water damaged businesses. We know that having your business up and running again quickly is critical to avoid any loss of income, and even in the most severe flood damage situations we can often have your business operational in a matter of hours!

We have rescued hundreds of businesses over the past decade, from retail shops to factories, offices, hotels and medical centres – Mr Flood has rescued them all. In each case we focus heavily on protecting your business and allowing you to be operational as quickly as possible. We offer a bespoke restoration service that in many cases entails being on site two or more times each day to allow the restoration equipment to maintain effectiveness in drying the carpets and structure while your business resumes and maintains normal operation. That’s the type of service Mr Flood provides to our important business clients!

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Mr Flood is only a handful of IICRC accredited flood restoration specialists in Australia that are also trained and accredited by Strata Community Australia.

As a Strata Community Australia Services Supplier we understand that Strata has special needs in regards to the maintenance and care of your buildings, and we are familiar with the procedures and regulations which you operate within.

We work closely with each respective Body Corporate and Strata Manager to ensure that the common areas and/or structure of your water damaged building are restored.We know that Magnesite and the potential for concrete cancer is also a major issue for Strata. Mr Flood conduct magnesite inspections and restoration on a regular basis so we can confidently manage this issue when significant flood damage occurs to magnesite levelled building sites.

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Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents need a flood restoration company that understands the complexities of dealing with landlords, renters and sometimes body corporate and strata companies. Mr Flood is great at liaising between these people to get the water damage under control quickly and efficiently, and get the rental tenant’s property back to normal ASAP.

Let Mr Flood’s trained technicians take care of the wet carpets for you right now. We will contact your valued rental client on your behalf and keep you apprised of the restoration process. We also provide ample time for processing payments after the job is completed so that you can focus on the important emergency now and worry about the paperwork later.

Call 1300 673 566 now and speak to a trained flood restoration technician.