Step 11: Additional treatment for carpet stains or marks, and application for deodorizer if required

After we remove the fans and dehumidifiers, the final step that we will undertake is to take a close look at the carpets and flooring for any stains or marks that have been left by the residual water. If we spot any of these, we will undertake some final cleaning and treatment of the carpet, and in most cases we will be able to remove these marks. Many customers have the impression that once dry, the carpets will stop smelling of that uncomfortable wet carpet smell, but this isn’t always the case. If there is any smell around, we will also apply a deodorizer at this stage. Following this step it should be unnecessary to conduct any further treatment of the carpets, and you’ll be able to return to cleaning and vacuuming them as you would normally. As with all previous steps, we work closely with our customers here. If the carpet has not been returned to a state that you’re happy with, we’ll be able to discuss next steps that you can take from there.  
Step 12: Relaying of carpets and replacing of furniture