Do I turn off the electricity?

Unless there is the danger of the moisture coming in contact with electricty directly or through the walls or floors there is no need to turn of any electrical items.

What do I do with the furniture?

Mr Flood recommends that any items that can potentially be damaged by moisture be removed to a safe area as soon as possible. If required a Mr Flood expert will oversee and/or assist with this aspect of the repair.

Is the area safe to walk on when wet?

Often yes, the area is safe to walk on if absolutely necassary so long as there is no electricity present or the damage does not threaten the safety of the integrity of the structure in question. Mr Flood highly recommends that you avoid the area until one of our experts arrives to assess the situation.

When do I have to pay?

Mr Flood will issue an 7-day payable invoice upon successful completion of the job, and your insurance company will either pay Mr Flood directly or immediately reimburse you for any payment made to us.